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We rented a car by this company really not serious. The condition of the car was lamentable, no wiper, virtually no brakes, clutch at the end of life. How a car rental company can rent cars in such a state. The only thing that counts for them is to cash the money without taking into account the real danger that their cars have for their customers. It is unacceptable Nous avons loué une voiture par cette société vraiment pas sérieuse. L'état de la voiture était lamentable, pas d’essuie glace, quasiment pas de freins, l'embrayage en fin de vie. Comment une société de location de voiture peux louer des voitures dans un état pareil. La seule chose qui compte pour eux c'est d'encaisser l'argent sans tenir compte du véritable danger que prèsente leur voitures pour leur clients. C'est INADMISSIBLE

None It appears new and well maintained, but despite having 12 bikes as an option, he said only one was suitable for use (and even then, the automatic setting was faulty) There are 5 other options within a 2 minute walk with comparable prices We used Joe's Rentals the second day, and had a far more enjoyable experience

There is one staff member who was shockingly rude when we rented ATV bikes last week. Having never ridden one before, we were completely unfamiliar with the vehicle. Despite this, he rushed through the instructions within 2 minutes, and then urged us to immediately start driving on the busy roads. When we tried to spend an extra 5 minutes practicing how to start/stop/reverse/etc, he said, in exasperation, that he could not "spend the next 3 hours teaching us how to drive." When we couldn't kickstart the bike (the automatic setting was faulty on this bike and he wouldn't give us a new bike) after TWO attempts, he came uncomfortably close to my face and in an aggressive and threatening manner, he said "How can I teach you when you don't listen?" I am not one to write reviews, nor exaggerate a story for effect, but the treatment we received at this store has pushed me to share our experience. To those who are travelling to Mykonos - DO NOT TO USE MUNCHEN.

NONE WHATSOEVER every single thing that happened is bad he also made us wait for 1 hour to give us back our driver's license

What a disappointing experience. we rented a quad which never worked for 2 days, and then for safety reasons we decided to return it and pay the whole week in full to go elsewhere and rent a car. Igor, was an absolute asshole, he called us bad names and told us we are not good people, and that we think Mykonos is only for holidays and that he can by whole Mykonos wi the money he has. i will never recommend this place to anyone. and i will keep warning people from going there. shame on you.

I echo all who have gone before me. I can safely say ALL as there is not one single good review and I only wish I had found this website before I hired my car. I only found it when I googled the phone number from the threatening call I received after dropping the car back. I can also confirm all that others have said eg:- They only deal in cash - The car comes with no petrol - They take and keep your drivers licence and most importantly, - They "Rent a Wreck". Confronted with the usual car rental paperwork, the little diagram where you tick all the bumps and scratches on the car, it was impossible there were dents on every corner and every panel. But hey we just want to drive around the island and we are nice people so no problem. Big Mistake!. On returning the car we were accused of denting it and a demand to pay €300 - Cash! to repair. It was never gonna happen, we walked out. Next, the big boss appears at our hotel. If Walt Disney ever need another model for the wicked witch, this the person. Very aggressive, very threatening, insisted on us going back to her office where the heavy's were waiting. More demands, the same line some else experienced, "don't pay me you take the car the the mechanic". I'm guessing they were cousins. Then the final threat to call the police. NO I said, we have spoken to our hotel and they will phone the police on our behalf and report YOU for fraud and extortion. Two more calls during the day which I didn't pick up, that was the end of it. PS Mykonos is a lovely island with (mostly) lovely people, just aviod the Mafia and you'll be OK

By far the worst place to rent a car from in Mykonos. We arrived there through our host who works with them and received a car for 4 days (peugot 107 manual). The place only took cash and when asked about if the price included insurance they just said yes, without any further explanation. A few days later we got into an accident because the brakes of the car didn't work and we fell backwards down the hill into a big rock. When the people came to take the car we had to push it out while the guy pressed the gas and during this the wheels got burnt because he was pressing the gas so hard. They took it to the mechanic straight away and came back with a bill of 1,500 euros for damages (including the wheel). They demanded we pay them with cash or go to jail. We told them we don't have that much money and we need to talk to the bank, but they said we will leave the country and took our passport to make sure we won't leave. We wanted to pay them with credit card but they said they only accept cash. We didn't have time to go to another mechanic to check the price for the car but the whole thing was a scam and the people were very nasty. We spend half of our holiday by trying to get them the money. After coming back from the holiday and checking their site, it says they only rent for 23 and over and we were 20. We made a lot of mistakes with how we handled things, but these people are scammers only looking to make money of tourists. DO NOT GO TO MUNICH CAR RENTALS IN MYKONOS OR ARTEMIS SERAFIMIDOU WHO WORKS WITH THEM.

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