Munchen Rent A Car / Bike

Maouna, Chora, Mykonos
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By far the worst place to rent a car from in Mykonos. We arrived there through our host who works with them and received a car for 4 days (peugot 107 manual). The place only took cash and when asked about if the price included insurance they just said yes, without any further explanation. A few days later we got into an accident because the brakes of the car didn't work and we fell backwards down the hill into a big rock. When the people came to take the car we had to push it out while the guy pressed the gas and during this the wheels got burnt because he was pressing the gas so hard. They took it to the mechanic straight away and came back with a bill of 1,500 euros for damages (including the wheel). They demanded we pay them with cash or go to jail. We told them we don't have that much money and we need to talk to the bank, but they said we will leave the country and took our passport to make sure we won't leave. We wanted to pay them with credit card but they said they only accept cash. We didn't have time to go to another mechanic to check the price for the car but the whole thing was a scam and the people were very nasty. We spend half of our holiday by trying to get them the money. After coming back from the holiday and checking their site, it says they only rent for 23 and over and we were 20. We made a lot of mistakes with how we handled things, but these people are scammers only looking to make money of tourists. DO NOT GO TO MUNICH CAR RENTALS IN MYKONOS OR ARTEMIS SERAFIMIDOU WHO WORKS WITH THEM.