Munchen Rent A Car / Bike

Maouna, Chora, Mykonos
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I echo all who have gone before me. I can safely say ALL as there is not one single good review and I only wish I had found this website before I hired my car. I only found it when I googled the phone number from the threatening call I received after dropping the car back. I can also confirm all that others have said eg:- They only deal in cash - The car comes with no petrol - They take and keep your drivers licence and most importantly, - They "Rent a Wreck". Confronted with the usual car rental paperwork, the little diagram where you tick all the bumps and scratches on the car, it was impossible there were dents on every corner and every panel. But hey we just want to drive around the island and we are nice people so no problem. Big Mistake!. On returning the car we were accused of denting it and a demand to pay €300 - Cash! to repair. It was never gonna happen, we walked out. Next, the big boss appears at our hotel. If Walt Disney ever need another model for the wicked witch, this the person. Very aggressive, very threatening, insisted on us going back to her office where the heavy's were waiting. More demands, the same line some else experienced, "don't pay me you take the car the the mechanic". I'm guessing they were cousins. Then the final threat to call the police. NO I said, we have spoken to our hotel and they will phone the police on our behalf and report YOU for fraud and extortion. Two more calls during the day which I didn't pick up, that was the end of it. PS Mykonos is a lovely island with (mostly) lovely people, just aviod the Mafia and you'll be OK