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Horrible experience in this place. They tried to scam me at every single opportunity. Dishonest people and aggressive staff. Avoid this place by all means.

Long story short, I got robbed of 100 euro because I was given a poor bike and returned it as given to me. The owner tried fighting me and the police got involved. 0/10 service. beware.


Stay away!!! They overpriced and when they underdelivered and wanted my money back they said NO. They only take cash for a reason, because if you change your mind or anything arises you'll never get your money back.

We rented an ATV for the day based on our hostels recommendation. We were brought a quad and asked to leave a license. We were not provided helmets. We drove it quickly to a nearby beach and it broke down and we couldn't get it started again. We drove back to the rental place and they told us we needed to pay for gas even though we had barely driven it- they gave us an ATV with almost no gas in it. We went to a gas station and filled up the tank and it wouldn't start again. Everyone working in the gas station tried to help us turn it on but couldn't. We called the owner who came, angrily turned it on, yelled at some gas station attendants, and left. Then, we proceeded to go to a further beach, and when we left the same thing happened. The starter was dead and we had to pump the battery. A bystander called the rental place again, but we managed to get it started after 10 minutes. We tried to call the place to let them know we got it started but the phone was busy. We passed the owner on our quad and he started screaming at us and forced us onto his quad- which drove considerably better and had gas. Overall, it was a very negative experience. If I could give zero stars I would.

They rent to pretty much anybody other stores might give you a hard time if you're not European Quality of bikes Random demands for money Aggressive tone

The scooters were in incredibly bad shape, the right mirror was broken off of mine, and the body had several large cracks. The kick stand also frequently dropped out and scrapped along the road. The steering was also pretty wobbly. When we were returning our scooters one of the employees demanded 10 Euros from my friend, and then when asked for an explanation gave up. At least he gave up. Considering I might have died I wouldn't recommend.

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