Shopping in Mykonos

Spoil yourself and choose from designer labels, leather goods, jewellery, handmade accessories, local art and many more to be discovered amongst the charming Mykonian passages.

  • The Curiosity Shop 177 Fashion Stores

    Shopping in Mykonos couldn't get any better than this. Shops are located conveniently close together and you can find anything you would ever imagine among the hundreds of shops and boutiques.

  • D.S Gold 91 Jewellery Stores

    Jewellery for every budget, from rare diamonds to handmade beaded bracelets are available for you to choose from.

  • Sephora Beauty Shop 10 Beauty Stores

    Pamper yourself with cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances and organic delights. Whether you are after a global brand or a local ecological one, Mykonos has it all.

  • Ostria Art & Deco 38 Home Deco Stores

    Decorate your home beautifully with modern earthy or classic vintage touch. For home owners in Mykonos, whether you want to re-fit your windows, re-tile your bathroom or embellish your dream home, you can do it to the highest standards with the most professional services offered.

  • Salamandra 38 Souvenir Stores

    Choose from a variety of souvenirs and memorabilia to remind you of the great times you experienced while on the island! Large or small, specialty souvenir shops sell an array of knick knacks.

  • Anemotrata Fish Market 48 Supermarkets

    Mini markets, supermarkets, grocers, fishmongers all providing you with your daily essentials.

  • Kiosk 11 Kiosks

    Selling drinks, snacks, magazines and a variety of other useful products, kiosks are dotted around the towns and open till late.

  • Cellier 8 Liquor Stores

    Purchase wines, spirits and various beverages to stock up your refrigerator.

  • Nektar & Ambrosia 11 Local & Organic Stores

    An array of organic and ecological products are available on the island, from cosmetic to gourmet goods. In addition, Mykonos offers a variety of local traditional products you must try!

  • O Markaras 3 Butchers

    Mykonos is famed for its local meat specialities. Purchase fresh meat and local delicacies from one of the island’s butchers.

  • Eleftheroudakis 4 News & Book Stores

    Keep in touch with the rest of the world and pick up a good holiday read at one of Mykonos' book shops and news stands.

  • Music Center 5 Music & DVD Stores

    Buy or rent CD's and DVD's. Records and vinyl's are also available for the music enthusiasts or those who want to take the Mykonos soundtrack back at home.

  • Mykonos Line 10 IT & Computer Stores

    If you are looking to purchase a computer, develop your website or need any sort of technological advice, this section will lead you to the island's experts.

  • Motsanos Electronics 11 Electrical Stores

    Need something repaired, or want to purchase an electrical appliance? There are several places in Mykonos you can do so.

  • Nazos Hardware 5 Hardware Stores

    Tools, paint, wires, hunting and fishing gear available at all of Mykonos's hardware stores.

Recommended places to Shop in Mykonos

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  • News Stand | News & Book Stores
  • OTE Shop | IT & Computer Stores
  • Sea Bird | Souvenir Stores
  • Puma | Fashion Stores
  • Mati | Jewellery Stores
  • Domus Interiors | Home Deco Stores
  • Marianna | Jewellery Stores
  • Olga's Cosmetics | Beauty Stores
  • Natural Art | Home Deco Stores
  • Kiosk | Kiosks
  • Galerie Tsangarakis | Jewellery Stores
  • Kavos Mini Mart | Supermarkets
  • Optika | Fashion Stores
  • Sofos | Electrical Stores
  • Windmill | News & Book Stores
  • Neverland | Home Deco Stores
  • Cellier | Liquor Stores
  • Swatch | Jewellery Stores
  • Latos | Souvenir Stores
  • Mykonos Line | IT & Computer Stores
  • Fine Gems Jewellery | Jewellery Stores
  • DS Souvenir Mykonos | Souvenir Stores
  • Beach Market Souvenir | Souvenir Stores
  • A Fish Called Marina | Jewellery Stores
  • Mastiha Shop | Local & Organic Stores
  • Kiosk | Kiosks
  • Abelia's | Souvenir Stores
  • Mini Market | Supermarkets
  • Cellfinity | IT & Computer Stores
  • Mantio | Home Deco Stores
  • Diafora | Souvenir Stores
  • Oxette | Jewellery Stores
  • Maison Boutique | Home Deco Stores
  • Sephora Beauty Shop | Beauty Stores
  • Eleni | Supermarkets
  • Mini Market & Tourist Shop | Supermarkets
  • Kiosk | Kiosks
  • Summer Stuff | Supermarkets
  • Carrefour Marinopoulos | Supermarkets