Mykonos Gold Jewellery Store

Agiou Efthimiou Street, Chora, Mykonos
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bro are you kidding? every single thing about this place

If only i could add a video to show you the debacle that occurred outside this horrendous panama hat store which is really what it is. Why is it called mykonos gold? i have no idea but if there gonna name it random things they should name it mykonos pet shop because the guy working there was an animal. I was eating at some horrible place next door and i had a first hand view of what went down and ill tell you the details. This american man tried to get to the restaurant by cutting through this hat store and the guy standing by the door grabbed him by the arm and literally threw him down and started pounding at him. LITERALLY ROCKED HIM IN THE FACE FOR NO REASON. Then the victims wife obviously got involved trying to cage the animal, but he wasn't going back in that cage, he violently slapped the woman and I've never heard so many gasps at once from all the viewers. I was gonna go to the movie theater in town but this sufficed. Im on vacation and so is everyone else on this island. The island has no purpose if not for tourist and you're reading this you obviously know that. Why make such a hostile scene for everyone? Because you're miserable posting up everyday at your shitty slave shop hat store? Bro chill. NEVER GO. IF YOU CAN AT LEAST SEE ONE THING FROM THIS POST JUST DONTTTTT GO TO THIS STORE OR THE RESTAURANT NEXT DOOR. I literally have the whole fight on video and would love to share it if anyone wants to inquire further about what happened on this god forsaken day. Also shoutout to my mans that got rocked he took it like a champ. I was absolutely baffled and am honestly still shaken up. it ruined my thoughts about this island and just exposes how fake everyone is if you aren't willing to spend money at there store. All it shows for this pet store is really how bad there doing in business. Mykonos is an island that is very much like a hollywood production, everything is a facade and there is not one genuine worker on the island. Well there is one and he's the man and works tirelessly at the hotel im staying at but the achilles heel of mykonos is trip advisor. If you pass a restaurant or a store and show your not interested you can see the reaction of the host immediately change to a fuck you face. I hope this place goes out of business i really genuinely do because what happend was totally not acceptable.