Munchen Rent A Car / Bike

Maouna, Chora, Mykonos
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Sadly there wasnt much good about this place perhaps the overly friendly staff before I hired but that was quick to change Bike had no fuel in it when hired Bike broke down Tried to get me to repay the repairs Very unhelpful customer service Did not replace the bike

Ok I should have had alarm bells ringing when I was only given a 30 second run down of the bike and left to go on my merry way after spending a minute filling out a paper form.The troubles began almost instantly. Upon leaving the hire place on my way to a gas station the bike an ATV quad bike, ran out of fuel less than a hundred metres up the road, luckily it was up the road and not down the road so I was able to coast it back to the hire place to have the guy tell me "You should have filled it up with fuel!!!!" WTF I had only just driven it out of the place, anyway after implying it was my fault it ran out of fuel they made me wait a few minutes (which wasnt a problem) while someone got a 1 litre water bottle worth of fuel and poured it in. Finally I was set.I drove to the nearest gas station and filled up and everything seemed right or so I thought. The next hill I came to, rather steep hill to give the bike justice, but just a hill none the less, the bike would rev at full revs but have no guts to go up. I had to dismount and with the accelorator to the floor walk the bike up the hill, about half way up the hill the bike suddenly found a burst of energy and I was able to climb back on and resume the trip as per normal.I suspected this was gear box troubles, as the sudden burst of strength sounded like a gear had finally changed over, anyway after my day I returned to München car hire to report the troubles. Rather than listen to me and let me explain my worries about a probable faulty gear box they became really defensive and told me it was an 80cc and all the other bikes were 50cc and it was more powerful and the better one. I told them but it didnt matter what cc it was, it wasnt going up the hill as it should and that the gear box was not working properly. Anyway I gave up and thought I just wont go up that hill again.Next day I decided to go to a beach on the other end of the island, other than the same gear problem, loosing power and revs going up hills and suddenly receiving bursts of energy a long way into the climb up hills, I was returning to the town (about 3km away) going down a hill, I heard what sounded like a chain on a bike coming loose, I was not reving the accelorator I was doing the opposite actually not touching it at all, and using the break as it was a pretty steep downward slope, anyway after that sound the bike no longer moved forward at all despite the accelorator full power, I checked under the bike and the gear had not been knocked into neutral so something in the gear box had definitley broken.I decided to walk the bike back to town, luckily most of it was downhill but it took about an hour.Upon arrival I explained I was going down a hill not accelorating and the gear box just broke. The guy a younger man said it was my fault I broke it because I accelorated whilst changing gears, I said no, he then walked down with the bike leaving me waiting, I waited for ten minutes, I saw him light up a smoke, no explanation of what I should do, no report on what is happening, finally after he finished his smoke he said I could come inside he had called a mechanic, I waited another 10 minutes and a mechanic showed up, spent about a minute and said the gear box is broken, I was then called into another office where a lady was and two other guys, she then said I had to pay for the mechanic because I broke the bike, I said I wasnt and it was their fault and that I had notified them of the problem the day before, there was a bit of backwards and forwards before they said they have no other bikes, I said its ok I dont need it, so they returned my credit card imprint and I walked out with half a day of hire lost. I just want to warn anyone from using this company, there are many others, the customer service here is most unhelpful, the bike was rubbish and broke down, and they will try to make you pay for it if it does break down! I have since heard other stories about them! So be warned! There are many places to choose from! I wouldnt choose these guys!