Airport Area, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece, 84600

About Prima

PRIMA CAR RENTAL is a fast growing company member of one of the greatest and most successful group of companies in the automotive field in Greece. Our activities include both car rentals (Rent a Car) and operating leasing or long term rental.
Our vision is to become a particularly competitive player in the car rental business, investing heavily in quality service and reliability .
Main points of our business efforts include:

*Company owned premises in key locations all over the country
* Exceptional car fleet, including the most updated models in every car segment, which is being renewed continuously. The consequence is to be able to offer reliable, secure and comfortable driving conditions
* Experienced and skilled personnel aiming to offer fully competitive services.
* Innovative and specialized solutions covering all kinds of customer requests.
* Online computing system for maximum fleet surveillance and reservations monitoring.
* Road assistance service available to every fleet car 24 hours a day.
* Fully comprehensive insurance.
* Special loyalty programmes, e.g. Benefits Card.