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Old car and schooter

We rented a car last summer and we did no scratches, when we came back to give the car back they asked 100 euros for any scratches they say we made. We also had the photos to show the damage existed before but they had 2 workers was going to beat us so we payed. THey are well known in Mykonos for this.

They left us to the airport before leaving the island All the rest

We received the scooter in bad bad conditions. The left brake doesn't work but we used the scooter because they haven't something good. The last day we had an accident caused by the use of the right brake (the only one still working). The owner never asked for our health conditions but only asked for 50 euros blackmailing us to not getting back the driving license without paying 50 euro. We paid because we had the flight back in 1 hour.

Close to town, friendly people, competitive prices and they were quick and helpful when we needed assistance

Visited Mykonos in June and rented a car for the day to see the island. We went back 2 days later and got a motor bike. My husband and I had great ride and a gyro picnic on a nearly deserted beach. This is a local family run shop and they are good, friendly people. They'll even pick you up from your hotel, the airport or port and take you right to the shop. We had a very positive experience with them and will use them whenever we return to Mykonos.