Agoudimos Lines

Athens, Cyclades, Greece

About Agoudimos Lines

Agoudimos Lines is a Greek shipping company which for the past forty-four years has steadily offered its services to the field of coastal shipping and has remained adamantly traditional.

The high level of services provided, the friendly atmosphere conveyed, and the willingness shown by company personnel and ship crews alike constitute the main reasons behind our having become a popular shipping company among passengers.

Our top priority is to ensure that you have a safe voyage; that we are serve you diligently; and that our services continues to rise in quality while remaining affordable: It is our way of making certain that we are always ready to respond to fulfil your every need.

Looking ahead, yet always respectful of the past and guided by contemporary needs, Agoudimos Lines becomes ever more flexible and active by adding new ships to its fleet and modernizing its existing ones, in strict compliance with the increasingly stringent international regulations.

Agoudimos Lines Features

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