1 Voriou Ipirou Street, Lakka, Chora, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece, 84600

About Tsirikaua

Tsirikaua was started by Nikos Douvogiannis in 1991 although he only opened his first store in Halandri, Athens in June 1995. The Athens store has recently moved to larger premises in the suburb of Ambelokipi.

Nikos was born and raised in Messini in south west Peloponnese and moved to Athens when he was still a child.

Nikos has been working with leather since the age of 14 and over time he has adapted this incredible skill and passion to include silver, bronze, semi-precious stones, coral, bone and many more fine materials which he handcrafts into the incredible range of art on leather and silver that you can see here.

Over the past 14 years, since turning his hobby into his full time occupation, he has produced over 6000 handmade belts in more than 160 of his own designs.

Nikos' home is in Athens, Greece where he spends five months of the year and where he also has a workshop and store. The other seven months he spends in Mykonos, where he has just open for his fifth summer season.