There are 4 Archaeological Sites in Mykonos

Discover Mykonos' ancient heritage at these archaeological sites and spend a day at the neighbouring island of Delos where you can visit ruins dating back thousands of years.

Archaeological Site of Delos
Archaeological Site of Delos Delos Island
Delos Island, Mykonos, Greece

Delos is accessible from Mykonos by boat. Boats travel from 9AM to the latest 12PM. You can easily spend an entire day there, so a morning start is definitely recommended. The Archaeological grounds close at 3PM when the last boat departs. …

Kastro Panigiraki
Kastro Panigiraki Panigiraki Castle
Kastro Panigiraki, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Kastro Panigiraki (kastro meaning castle in Greek) is located down a very narrow winding road just off the main road leading into town. An impressive complex of stone walls zig-zagging down the mountain side, some half-hidden beneath a blan…

Archaeological Site of Ftelia
Archaeological Site of Ftelia
Ftelia Beach, Ftelia, Mykonos, Greece

On the way from Chora to Ano Mera, Ftelia is a large beach, set between two hills that jut out into the water. The ruins themselves occupy only a small area slightly above the center of the beach, but they are rich in historical value. There is also a charming restaurant above it where you can enjoy lunch out on the terrace. Als…

Thule Tomb
Thule Tomb
Aggelika, Mykonos, Greece

The ruins of a 2nd century BC tomb were discovered while the Tharroe of Mykonos luxury hotel was under construction and are now on display next to the main building. All that remains is a circular structure built of large stones. It is now covered with metal sheets for protection and supported by a wooden frame.