Agrari Beach, Agrari, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece, 84600
Glassbottom - glassbottom 3 - Mykonos, Greece

About Glassbottom

Dimitris Zafeiropoulos is the founder and owner of Wateraction. Established in 1996. Wateraction is a company located on Mykonos island, at Agrari beach and its main activity involves water sports and games, offering action and excitement.

An all time fan of subdiving, he has always been driven by eager passion to vividly share his experience with people that choose Mykonos as their favourite destination. The idea of "GLASSBOTTOM" was born: a unique boat with Glass Floor, a wide bottom area through which you can view the beauty hidden beneath Mykonos water surface.

"GLASSBOTTOM" will take you on daily cruises to unreachable destinations around Mykonos, uncovering the underwater magic and history. Destinations such as isolated islands, beautiful beaches and the Southern part of cosmopolitan Mykonos, promise a truly unforgettable experience.