Sakis Moto Club Rent A Car / Bike

Maouna, Chora, Mykonos
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quadbike was stolen (by the owner of the business) who emphasised how his quadbikes were unstealable because he had changed the ignition locks on all his bikes, explained to me that he used to steal quad bikes when he was younger, so he knew to do this to stay ahead of the game. He then became aggressive as he told me a story about other Australians who had hired from him and reported their quad bike stolen only to hide the fact that they had crashed the bike 5 kilometres away - and was insinuating that this was what I had done also. He also became very intimidating as he said that if he wanted to, he could have had people that he knew from Australia do very bad things to the Australians that lied to him about the incident. Essentially this practice made another 100 euro from me that day, apparently to cover the insurance costs (I was thankful as I have heard of horror stories with tourists paying much worse fees) - magically the bike returned later that afternoon, unscathed with no damage to the ignition either. Upon asking for my money back, he smirked as he told me that he used the money to pay 4 people to search all day for the bike, who miraculously found it 5 kilometres away ?