Tropicana Beach Club

Paradise Beach, Paradise, Mykonos
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He did not hit her in the face He did not throw a knife It's unbelievable that places like this allow this behavior from their employees - I mean you don't want to eliminate your customers right Worst thing is the absence of politeness since the guy never said he was sorry

Or you might get hurt.. We witnessed an unbelievable event last Sunday (7/27/2014) while waiting for our drinks A guy behind the bar got angry with one of his waiters and threw a big carton of juice at him with great rage.. The carton did not hit the waiter though but the lower leg of a young girl nearby sitting on one of the tables Her friends at this point started shouting at him but the security guys took them away The most amazing thing is that the guy that threw the carton never said he was sorry - on the contrary he continued shouting at his waiters and said it wasn't his fault.. Not sure what happened exactly with the girl but we saw her limping heavily as she was leaving..