Alice Fashion Store

Andronikou Street, Chora, Mykonos
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Beautiful creations, great quality, lovely peole At first i thought it as a disadvantage, but having only one dressing room makes the whole thing quite a personal experience So not a bad thing after all if you are not in a hurry But why being in a hurry? You are on holiday!!!

I decided to follow the white rabbit...and it took me to wonderland. So there is my 5P review, in my own way :) Place: Beautiful space, elegantly decorated, lounge music so perfect! Product: Lovely creations using soft materials, every single item "breathes". A wide range of styles from girly-cute to womanly-elegant. Scarves, totes and jewelry to complete the set. Price: might need to spend more than you had in mind as you go in for one item but cannot resist buying some more, or in my case, revisit the very next day and keep shopping. Prices a bit higher than I could afford, but the taste and quality surpassed high street, more expensive brands. PEOPLE: (caps on purpose) the shop owner (I think her name is Niki) couldn't be any different from the shop itself. Elegant and stylish, she takes her time to dress you up, find you the perfect accessories, no rush at all until you look perfect, even if there are other customers waiting. Her husband was a nice, easy talking to guy, offering us bottles of water in a very hot day, made us quite a discount and then surprise... they gave me a scarf to match my dress as a gift! Personalization: I had to wait for a while, (or more than a while truth to be told) as she was busy with another customer and there is only one dressing room, and though I am quite impatient as a customer it felt so right as she was taking her time to complete the other customer's outfit and then I thought if I can be a little patient I will be transformed as well! And she did it in her own magic way that fit me perfectly. You can find at least one item in this shop that says "I am you, pick me" and if you don't she will find it for you.