Jimmy's Fast Food Place

Lakka, Chora, Mykonos
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None to outweigh my unpleasant experience Please read my review

Year in year out, the gays (myself included) have been spending their hard earned money in Jimmy's whilst holidaying on the supposedly "gay-friendly" island of Mykonos. It's safe to say that our loyal and regular patronage has played a fair part in boosting the popularity of this eatery and in making its name-sake owner, Jimmy, the millionaire he is today. With that in mind, you"ll surely understand why the recent experience I had in Jimmy's, has left such a bitter taste in my mouth and prompted me to take a vow never to return to this establishment again: On the last day of our otherwise perfect, romantic holiday, my boyfriend and I decided to grab a quick bite at Jimmy's. Finishing our lunch we lingered to chat and were sharing a few innocent kisses when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the eatery's owner himself, Jimmy who, upon spotting us kissing in the shop, had come over to ask us to stop. His reason: "I don't like it!". "Happy to take our money though eh, Jimmy?!" I replied to which he just shrugged his shoulders. I informed him that now that I knew what his true feelings were towards his gay customers, I would never be returning to Jimmy's again and would make sure to share this unpleasant experience with as many gays as possible so they too became aware of his homophobic attitudes. With another shrug of the shoulder, Jimmy responded "I don't care!". Well, neither do we, Jimmy......we'll happily take our custom elsewhere. Jimmy's gyros are certainly cheap but mediocre at best. I understand from other locals that there are plenty of other eateries in Mykonos which offer better. More importantly though, they do so without such discrimination, treating their loyal customers with the respect they deserve. I strongly urge you all to boycott the homophobic eatery, Jimmy's.... and to please exercise good judgement and care when spending your tourist dollars (be they pink or otherwise) on the "gay-friendly utopia" that is Mykonos.