OK Rent A Car / Bike

Agios Stefanos, Mykonos

None all of the mentioned above

on our holiday in Mykonos we booked a car from OK Rental. A person awaited us at the local harbour, but did not hold a sign with our name on it and as a result we waited over 30 mins to find him. Apparently he waited for us and called us on our mobile, but the digits were mixed up. He was very grumpy and rude person with complete lack of good manners. No 'Hello', no ' sorry' just being grumpy and blaming us for this incorrection. During our stay on Mykonos we received a €80 parking ticket, but because it was all in Greek, we didn't understand what the follow up procedure was. A gentleman at our hotel advised that the document states that if paid in full within 10 days - the actual amount of ticket would be reduced to €40. So on the day of car return we visited the local OK rental office to pay for the full rent + ticket charge. Again - very bad manners from some Greek person, who didn't say any hello, thank you etc. - and what is worst was trying to swindle us - stating that we need to pay €80 of the ticket. Once we explained that we know it's only €40 - he just nodded along.