Star Car Rental

Chora, Mykonos
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The owner is a muscle obsessed and narcissistic man who spends all day watching his body at the shop mirrors. He is such an exhibitionist man that does not even wear t-shirt to show his body to all the shop visitors. His vehicles are old and useless and we hardly could reach the beach in them. Our vehicles were such a crap that we returned them 12 hours before the expiration time. In order to divert the attention from the real problem (the bad quality of the bikes) he asked us some helmets that we had never taken. He started to get more and more violent and furious. We asked him not to be so furious since we had real reasons to be really upset. Then the worst came. He said: “Upset? You have not seen me upset. I have been practicing kickboxing for the last 20 years. I could kill all of you”. Obviously we left the shop of that crazy and schizophrenic man. He is a public danger and should train more his small brain and less his pathetic muscles.