Blu Blu Lounge Cafe

Old Port, Chora, Mykonos
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Nice place and good view Astonishingly bad service

We spent a week in Mykonos at the end of September early October 2012. We went down to the Blu Blu Lounge, in Mykonos town, to have a nice evening, a cocktail or two and something to eat, as we watched the sun go down. The lounge/cafe is very nice with lovely views over the sea. It was quite quiet when we went in, we had a cocktail and decided to order something to eat after watching the sunset. We ordered a pizza, the bar was still quite quiet and after about an hour we realised our food wasn't coming. We asked about it and we were reassured, in a rather surly way, that it would be ready "any minute". We had to ask twice more and when it didn't arrive after 1 3/ 4 hours we got up and said we were leaving. They said if we waited we could take it it out!! We declined. The attitude of the staff was appalling. We weren't willing to wait any longer. We paid for the drink that we had and our money was snatched from out hands. We were incredulous at the staff behaviour and we decided to ask to speak to the manager. He was unbelievable, he just shrugged his shoulders and said it was busy. He wasn't interested in our concerns, even when we told him how long we had waited.