Villa Crew

Kanalia, Mykonos
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HUGE villa, BRILLIANT staff, SUPERB service, GORGEOUS views, DELICIOUS food (by our own private chef), FLUFFY towels, BEAUTIFUL art GIGANTIC Bar! Had to fly to Mykonos on SLEASYJET out of Gatwick (yuck and yuck) Immense hang-overs thanks to full-sized, fully-staffed bar That we couldn't move in and stay there for ever

We arrived after a HORRIBLE flight on horrible easyjet (thanks a bunch Stelios) and, after being met at the airport by a handsome member of Villa Crew staff (much more relaxed and tanned than we were) felt like we were in a dream after arrival drinks and a quick discussion with the staff about supper which was prepared by the private chefs.

The week continued this way - the main problem we had with the villas was trying to leave - no-one wanted to and so we spent much of the time at the house rather than exploring the island.

Interestingly we found the Villa chefs and dining service actually way-more superior to most of the restaurants on the island and although its not cheap (you have to pay for the chef-fees and then top of that the grocery shopping which is expensive even though it's at cost) we found it cheaper than the top restaurants and much more relaxing (no kamakazie cab driver home!!). We also had some brilliant times at the full-size-DANGEROUS-bar...Tom Cruise eat your heart out!!

Only rubbish moment was when we pulled away from the villa for the last time... SOB... we're booking again for 2012 and will probably take both villas as it's a VIP birthday (mine, yay!).